A region which has undergone so many changes must certainly have an amazing eclectic selection of food.

That's how the cuisine of Sicily was born: like a revival of a gastronomic flavour from the contributions brought by each new culture.

The Greeks brought the oil trees cultivation and the “culture” of bread; the Romans, the passion for the focaccia bread; the Byzantines, the habit to eat spicy cheeses; the Swabians, the passion for salted codfish.

The Aragons brought bakeries and the Spanish introduced the “American” products of tomatoes and cacao.

An extraordinary mixture of cultures creates a unique culinary art.

One thousand inventions

The mixture of the Sicilian gastronomy finds its authentic expression with pasta.

It is cooked in a thousand different ways, but the traditional dish is the classic combination of pasta with fresh sardines or crumbs (the sauce is a mixture of anchovies, oil and grated bread).

In the main courses, the influence of the sea is preponderant.

Tuna, anchovies, sardines and swordfish are the product of different popular recipes flavoured with olives and capers, like the swordfish “a ghiotta”.


Ragusa and its traditions

The territory of Ragusa has a great variety of landscapes (kilometres of coast, plateaus and deep valleys) and a fascinating selection of tastes ranging from sweet to savoury.

The main dishes of our cuisine are the rustic flavoured dishes, such as the “lasagne cacate” (a Christmas dish with ragù (meat sauce) and ricotta cheese), pasta “picchi pacchiu” (spaghetti with tomato sauce, garlic, chilli pepper and basil), pasta with crumbs and anchovies and the traditional “il maccu” with beans.

You will have the chance to taste seafood based dishes, such as the baked, breaded smooth-hound (with celery, olives, tomatoes and capers) and grilled prawns, seasoned with marinated oil, garlic, pepper, parsley and sage.

In the hinterland there are the excellent fennels of Modica and the lentils of Chiaramonte Gulfi. In the area of Comiso, there is a concentration of grape and almonds.

The best offer of local products is in “Ragusa”, with the cheese produced with the P.D.O. marking and the sausage from Chiaramonte Gulfi.

There are other important traditions, such as the tradition of olive and grape growing that produce two excellent fruits (the Cerasuolo of Victoria and the extra virgin olive oil of the hyblaean mountains) which compete with those in the rest of the island.

Finally, the province has no rivals in terms of sweets. In fact, in addition to the famous chocolate of Modica of Spanish derivation, Ragusa boasts an esteemed bakery, thanks to the Biancomangiare, the unmistakable sweet based on almonds and served on lemon leaves.

Source: sicilia, viaggio attraverso le regioni 2002 fininternet s.p.a

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Focacce modicane b&b Agramonte
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