It is called the “city of bridges” for the presence of three very picturesque structures.

In 1693 the city was almost entirely destroyed by a devastating earthquake.

In the 18th century the reconstruction divided the city into two big neighbourhoods: one 

side, Upper Ragusa, located on the plateau, and the other side Ragusa Ibla, arisen from 

the ruins of the ancient city and rebuilt according to the ancient Medieval model. Today it is 

an elegant baroque social gathering.

Every corner of this historic neighbourhood is a continuous surprise. Strolling along these 

places is a real unique experience.


The celebrations in honour of Saint John The Baptist, patron of the city and of the 

Diocese of Ragusa, are held on August 29th, on the day of his martyrdom. The solemn 

celebrations begin on August 19th with the opening of the niche of the Saint and the 

translation of the simulacrum, leads into different cultural, arts and sports events, until 

the end of the celebrations on August 29th.

On August 27th, the statue of Saint John greets again its faithfuls, passing through the 

streets of the city until the arrival at the parish church which hosts the statue for one day 

with chants, liturgies and prayer vigils. The evening of August 28th, it is carried back to the 

Cathedral. On August 29th, the main festival of the people is held and the city gathers 

around its Saint creating a procession of candles. The tradition may be connected to the 

Luminara (candle-light illumination) which was held during the 18th century in Ibla.

Gastronomic traditions. The “gnucchitti rausani” is the traditional dish cooked during 

the festival of Saint John The Baptist. It is a typical homemade pasta made from wheat 

flour and eggs, made with special tools “pettine” and “fusi”, cooked in chicken broth and 

served with stuffed chicken.

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